As Certified Professional Speakers, we will provide expert advice to empower you with the best tips, tricks, and skills needed to achieve your goals and excel at speaking. Through effective and practical exercises, we will help you overcome your nervousness, polish your presentation skills and develop your unique speaking style!

Here are just some of the many topics that the Leadership Academy expertly addresses:

  • Presentation structuring for:
    • Keynote Speeches
    • Persuasive presentations
    • Informative  presentations
    • Interactive presentations (presentations with Questions and Answers)
    • Personal speeches (Weddings, Retirements, Birthdays)
  • Building confidence in-front of an audience.
  • Creating and delivery PowerPoint presentations.
  • Maintaining eye-contact, and engaging your audience.
  • Creating a strong presence, front and centre.

Our Formats


 Personal Coaching

Personal one-on-one coaching with a Certified Professional Speaker. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and to empower you to be your very best.

Group Course

In-class course that provides a full range of public speaking topics to deliver an end-to-end public speaking experience.                                                                              


One to two day interactive workshops that incorporate a combination of theory and hands on exercises to deliver valuable lessons and practice in a high-energy workshop.


In-Company Training

Strategically developed lessons, and exercises specifically tailored to your company's unique needs.


Online Course

Brand new, modern courses that explore public speaking and leadership in the new economy.



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