Dynamic Leader Course
to Mar 5

Dynamic Leader Course

Set over 5 weekly evenings, participants in The Dynamic Leader course will be given the necessary tools in order to become a more dynamic leader. Theoretical perspectives and practical tips enhanced with practical assignments and engaging group work and discussions, will help participants gain more knowledge in order to succeed in today's performance-driven market.

Participants will develop an action plan in order to sustain their momentum after the course:

  • Increase your self-awareness.

  • Understand the impact you make as a leader

  • Know how to consciously change that impact.

  • Understand how leaders provide vision and empowerment for organizations and individuals.

  • Achieve a change in your ability to influence, persuade, motivate and inspire others.

  • Be flexible in your handling of difficult situations.

  • Developed a greater understanding of how to deal with difficult people.

  • Developed your confidence and communication skills from the group activities and discussions.

  • Understand how to develop and sustain a highly motivated team in order to gain your desired results.

  • Recognize your strengths and how to use them as a leader.

  • Recognize the importance of staying current on your leadership development to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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